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As I explained over last few days getting delivery of my Windows 7, was virtually one of the worst nightmares I’ve been through in recent memory. However, that being said, I have to say that installing Windows 7 was much easier than installing Windows Vista. It only took me about 30 minutes to install Windows 7. And from the time I installed Windows 7, a number of things were much easier.

1. Visually speaking, Windows 7 is way beyond Windows XP. Everything is much easier to see on your computer using Windows 7 as compared to Windows XP. The screen has more area, while the icons are much more clearly defined. And with me being basically legally blind in my right eye is much easier for me to see the screen in Windows 7 than it was in Windows XP.

2. Additionally, my speech program, Dragon NaturallySpeaking, works a great deal better with Windows 7 than it did with Windows XP. The memory management seems to be handled a lot better. There is no way to allocate system memory between programs to system cache and that is because Windows 7 allocates memory to the programs and system cache in a more expeditious and efficient manner. So I’m highly impressed with it.

3. My early out testing of IE 8 is that it’s basically still doing the same thing in Windows 7 that it was doing. In Windows XP, which is basically to open up another version of the browser for every You open up on your machine. I’m now beginning to believe that part of the reason for that is because of an incompatibility between Dragon NaturallySpeaking and IE 8. This is partially because Dragon NaturallySpeaking is for the most part, compatible with IE 7 and Firefox. And so as a result, with Firefox having many more add-ons and being more efficient, I’m using Firefox as my browser.

4. Microsoft office, home and student, which is the program I use for my office communications, and Microsoft Outlook. Both are working much better in the Windows 7 environment than they did in the Windows XP environment. Part of the reason for that is because I am not using, under any circumstances, any kind of registry or temporary file cleaner other than the Windows 7, disk cleanup utility. And the reason for that is because I don’t want under any circumstances to use anything on Windows 7. It might screw up the registry and most of those programs regardless of what kind of programs they are actually do interfere with registry entries, many of which are extremely necessary for the computer to operate correctly. I am much more in favor of reinstalling your operating system. When you begin to have major issues with the registry than in using registry cleaner. And as I’ve said, without using any of that at this time, the system is operating much better than it ever has before. And I did test Windows 7 about a year ago for about six months.

5. I have not, at this time, tested out the home group function. But networking on Windows 7, was much easier than on Windows Vista. It’s like night and day. With Windows Vista, it took me almost 90 minutes to network effectively with my machine having Windows Vista and my wife’s laptop having Windows XP. But with Windows 7. It took me only about two minutes to establish the network. So again. It’s much easier to use.

6. Before I went to Windows 7 I talked about in my Journal how I was afraid that Microsoft was going to attempt to strong-arm me in the direction of using Windows live services. And I found that this is not the case. There have been no attempts by Microsoft push me toward Windows live services, although, there are a lot of connectivity opportunities for Outlook. And Microsoft Word to interface with various Windows live services. Of course, with me being very unpopular in the world and not having hardly any friends. It doesn’t make much sense for me to have any kind of online prominent space such as MS office live, because hardly anyone interact with me and I have virtually no friends is no real need for me to have that service.

But I have to say overall that Windows 7 is a much easier environment to work with and I wholeheartedly suggest that if you go to Windows 7 that you refrain at all costs from using any kind of registry cleaner or temporary file management program. Because in my estimation. I don’t believe those programs are going to be very effective on Windows 7. Because memory in Windows 7 is handled completely differently than in Windows XP. As I said above in Windows 7. There is no distinction between allocating memory to the program or to the system cache and that’s because Windows 7 uses a lot of job spooling, meaning virtual memory to allocate programs out of the virtual memory, automatically, so that it’s not necessary for that distinction to be offered in the advanced area of your computer set up.

And like I said, seeing the screen is much easier. My computer screen is about 5 feet away from me. This is partially because the computer screen needs to be positioned in my den in such a way so that it can double for the TV which it is, so that my wife and the other room can watch TV while she’s lying down because of infections in their feet. And so would the computer screen being that far way, with Windows XP, it was always a struggle to be able to read the screen. But having downloaded and upgrade to the NVIDIA drivers, I have video drivers that are specifically designed to bridge the gap between computer graphics, and HD television picture representation. That’s what NVIDIA does. When I initially went to upgrade the NVIDIA drivers through Windows 7. Windows 7 came back and said there was no upgrade. But that’s because Windows 7 was looking at NVIDIA in my machine, pursuant to basically computer graphically represent pictures and so forth. But realizing that NVIDIA is specifically designed to bridge the gap, the claim television graphics and computer graphics I went to the NVIDIA website. And I found that there was in fact a substantial upgrade to the NVIDIA drivers that came with Windows 7. And once I installed those drivers, the WinTV card in my machine is now presenting a television picture in HD format with tremendous clarity. And the bridge between computer graphics and HD TV workers and dictation is much more smoothly handled. And at the same time easier for me to see completely.

So consequently, I would recommend that you all are using your computer with a television mechanism in your computer, whether it be Windows media center or WinTV that what you do is you basically go to the NVIDIA site, independently, and download the upgrade of the NVIDIA drivers for your machine so that you will then have video drivers that are specifically designed to handle. Not only computer graphics but also the HD and regular TV transmission of picture representation.

And I have to say that it’s much easier to do almost everything with Windows 7 than it was with Windows XP. But part of the reason for that is in all because of Microsoft. Part of the reason why Windows 7 is a lot easier is because over the years programs have become much more memory and system intensive, meaning larger and as a result, this puts more stress on operating systems. Years ago, computer systems could get away with 512 megs of RAM. But of course that’s not the case anymore. Almost all computer systems need at least 2 GB of RAM in order to be able to work effectively.

7. As far as computers are concerned, the Dell Computer is probably one of the best computers physically that is made. However, customer service with Dell is extremely problematic and very difficult to use. And so as technical support. Both technical support and customer service, for the Dell Corporation, are handled, primarily by people in India. So, on the one hand, they can be somewhat difficult to understand them as they sometimes have a different accent than Americans do, but in addition to that, as has been evidenced in my Journal before customer service is not very good. When you’re dealing with the Dell Corporation. This does not mean that the Dell Computer is a bad machine because it is actually one of the best machines ever used in my life. But Dell customer service is horrible. I’ve had to report Dell Corporation to the Better Business Bureau, a number of times just to get satisfaction regarding technical or customer service.

That being said, I probably will continue to own the Dell Computer for as long as I have left to be alive. And should I live long enough to the point where I will need another computer I will probably again via Dell Computer. But I probably will not buy it from Dell. I will probably buy my Dell computer from some secondary retail outlets such as Best Buy. Because dealing with the Dell Corporation has become one of the most difficult things I’ve ever gone through my entire life. But like I said before, the Dell Computer physically, as a computer system itself, is truly one of the best kinds of computer systems I’ve ever seen. It seems like there’s just nothing that he can’t handle. And from what I’m given to understand my Dell XPS 410 be as strong enough to be able to run an entire city. Because it has enough memory and enough capabilities where the computer system to be able to run a small city.

I plan over the next few weeks to explore home group and a few of these other functions in Windows 7. I’m also going to explore the voice recording feature of MS one note. Because I’m finding that MS one note is actually one of the most efficient ways to handle information on the computer because when you make a note in one note they can be transferred directly to MS Outlook as a calendar or task function. And that helps me to manage my time a great deal more.

So all in all, I would say that the Windows 7 is definitely turning out to be a tremendously good operating system. And while it might appear that memory use is more intensive. I believe that that’s not completely accurate, because I believe that Windows 7 is doing somewhat the same as Windows Vista to. But in a much more efficient manner in which means basically that Windows 7 is loading a certain portion of its operating system into RAM in order to be able to accommodate the functions of the computer and the running of the programs. But even still, with all the things that I have running Windows 7 is absolutely doing very well. But as I said before, I still don’t feel very safe or comfortable using IE 8, because it’s been just very difficult to use no matter what. So I’m going to probably stay with Firefox, because it is much easier to use and has more add-ons and more functionality. Plus, like I said before, IE 8 will interpret graphics that you are downloading more in terms of a BMP file. Then it will the JP G. And as a result, it makes using IE 8 more difficult when you’re trying to accumulate various graphics on the Internet. I have over 27,000 pictures in one file, where I collect fashion photographs from around the world. This is partially of course because I used to be a photographer at one time and still am.

But the wallpaper changer in Windows 7 is so efficient that it is handling that file with no problem whatsoever. And there is no screen interruption when it’s doing so. So as a result, Windows 7 is really handling the operating system with tremendous efficiency. Thus, I am truly impressed with Windows 7, and how it is handling the computer operation of my system. Again, this does not change my position regarding IE 8 and how Microsoft is not being as honest as they should be with the system intensive he and memory allocation use of IE 8 whereby as a result. I need is actually opening up another full browser every time you open up the tab in IE 8. Because I believe that that issue is critical for Microsoft to address before anyone will ever use IE 8.

Anyhow, it’s 7:19 AM, and Aileen is due to get up in a few minutes and then I’m going to start my morning. So I will probably come back later this morning at around 10 AM to do more dictations and try to get through my day.


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